Energy is expensive

Its inefficient use is harmful to the environment and for fossil resources. To deal with environmental issues heat should be conserved for to increase energy efficiency. Investments in better thermal insulation usually does pay off within a year. Your increased liquidity and profitability will please you and your environmental ranking will be conspicuous.

Fire resistant and chemically stable

Polymeric silica gel

Raw materials for thermal insulation

Raw materials like glass, silica gel, silica fiber yarns, rovings or chopped fibers for thermal insulation and fire protection up to 1200°C are also increasingly used in the thermoacoustic area and in the filtration. Thereby the focus is on innovative temperature fibers as e.g. polymeric silica gel that is produced by means of a very environmentally friendly process. One of the fiber’s qualities is that insulation characteristics are achieved that cannot be reached by any other high-temperature resistant fiber. Soft and supple, dimensionally stable and contour accurate, insulating, strongly resilient and highest temperature-resistance with 1100°C, permanently without any compromises. Applications: Mats for heat shields, sandwich and ZeroClearance direct insulation, catalytic converter mounting mats and diesel particulate filters. Semi-finished Textile products consisting of carbon fibers or glass fibers, wetlaid or drylaid nonwovens, RTMs, unidirectionals, biaxial, triaxial and multiaxial non-crimp fabrics, peel plies, woven fabrics, braided pipes, silicone, PTFE, HT, PU, aluminum foils, coated glass fibers and silicate fiber fabrics since it is flame retardant and chemically very resistant particularly suitable for expansion joints, removable valve cover insulation, actuator fire-protective insulation, sensor insulation, exhaust gas insulation, engine insulation and active as well as passive fire protection in commercial buildings and off-shore plants.