Composite in its perfection

One of the focuses of IMBEO is fibers consisting of carbon, aramid, glass and polymeric silica gel with high silica content which are used in reinforcing and strengthening composite matrixes such as elastomers, duromers, thermoplastics or ceramics. The textile substrates (chopped fibers, yarns, woven fabrics, scrims, nonwoven fabrics) are simply coated, immersed or by means of RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and other state-of-the-art like autoclaves processed with a thermoset or thermoplastic matrix. Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) or Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) as innovative material and ready-to-install concepts provide astonishing lightweight construction properties. In addition, they ensure maximum strength and stiffness in high mechanical and temperature-related stresses, too, so that they are ideally suited for industrial applications whereas metal or plastic reach their limits. Alleged disadvantages that critics assume about the composites as e.g. doubts about crash safety we respond with innovative and already well proven methods.

Advantages of composites:

  • Ultra-high strength and stiffness in very demanding applications 
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions with simultaneous increase of engine performance by transferring the power of the engines more directly to the road, air, rail or water 
  • Saving material
  • Improved driving comfort due to improved acoustic properties and heat insulation as well as thermal shielding
  • Extended longevity and improved sustainability by means of qualification for e- mobility
  • Media resistance in chemical industry
  • Corrosion-resistant pipes in HVAC applications

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IMBEO consults and represents

in the Composite Division, manufacturer of multiaxial, RTM-/Unidirectional, peel ply and Chopped Strand Mats (CSM) consisting of E-/ECR-glass as well as carbon, aramid and glassroving fabrics. Further product solutions that are available for fiber composites:

  • (High-performance-) textile fibers up to 1,710°C
  • Technical textile yarns
  • Technical textiles and substrates
  • Technical nonwovens
  • Composite textiles (wide and narrow, woven, braided, knitted)
  • Silicone, PTFE coated glass fiber fabrics
  • EPDM, NBR, Viton®, Aflas® Elastomer coated textile substrates
  • Composite technology like autoclaves or heat treatment plants

Not only the transport industry benefits from our services


Substrates and reinforced fabrics

Besides the extremely important transport industry (automobiles & commercial vehicles) these substrates and reinforced fabrics for lightweight construction reasons are increasingly used in the marine industry and yachting industry. The enormous strengths are much in demand in the energy sector and include renewable electricity generation with wind or fossils like in gas or even combined cycle steam turbines. Besides, in the medical diagnostics the radiation resistances are very popular. A new area in which composites are advancing into is the construction sector. The use of composites has especially in the bridge or sewer renovation an enormous saving potential. The improved earthquake protection in risk areas is also not negligible. The managed portfolio also contains autoclave solutions to produce high-quality components for the aviation industry. Since the production of aircraft components has a very high demand on networking the fiber composite, this process requires a more precise management, automation and documentation. In the construction of the autoclaves our partners give particular attention to the following critical aspects:

  • Redundant process monitoring system
  • State-of-art process automation system, documentation and data processing system
  • Fail-safe operation due to efficient run-flat systems
  • Equivalence of the norms of aviation industry
  • Regular certification by the aviation industry and the respective OEMs
  • Measuring of temperature, vacuum and resin viscosity for each production process during networking the matrix

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