Our vision is to become the center in international B2B project and program management for the German OEM and MRO sectors.

Helping international mid- and large-sized international companies to fulfill their mission of entering the German market in a professional way are at the core of our activities. The German industry will benefit from increased competitiveness. Likewise, the international partner will grow its business by extending its reach of downstream management to the world’s most sophisticated market.


Understand the needs of international mid-sized and large companies in the B2B sector and establishing a strong relationship is key.

Product offerings will be adjusted to match with high-class end-users’ expectations of German OEM and MRO key accounts and ultimately generate substantial businesses among them. To this end the internationally minded Key Account Management, with heterogeneous skills, i.e. with a B2B sales, project, operations, supply chain, quality management and engineering and various cultural backgrounds will be further developed and strengthened with-in a five years’ timeframe for the execution of this mission. Assignments will be fulfilled in a timely manner and considers the budgets that are agreed upon in order to keep the market entry investment calculable and to eliminate the associated risk of failure.

Business Model

Each business-to-business case walks through a process of detailed analysis of the needs and expectations of international partners, who wish to expand into new fields with significant German OEM and MROs.

Our partners are firms that have prior export experience, are preferred suppliers already in their home country and entertain an ISO9001 (Industry) / TS 16949 (Automotive) quality management system from a prominent accreditation body in their operations. In addition, other product/material related certifications in their home markets are in place and a good basis to be able to obtain approvals and upscale production swiftly when exporting. Finally, the partners wishing to enter Germany have a comparative advantage and offer further additional and relevant differentiation aspects in their offering.
Understanding the product and service offerings through Key Account Managers ensure that product/service offerings are matched with the agreed target industries. Assistance is provided in benchmarking and pricing strategies ensuring competitiveness in the field. Necessary approvals and homologations, both from independent and accredited institutes on materials and products (where required) are usually the first step followed by finding, making contact, present, offer, validate and conclude business orders with potential end-users.

Through this process IMBEO aims to be the source for the execution of international business operations (approval, homologation, validation, sales, logistics, finance, risk and crisis management).


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