Your strategic B2B partner

We are currently involved in the following programs with renowned US and German medium-sized enterprises in the business development across Europe and the MEAT-region (Middle-East and Turkey):

Thermal Insulation

Glass, HT, silicate-fibre composites for automotives, oil and gas, power plant technology and many more. Along with the locally constructed network with “ready-to-use” component manufacturers we ensure more energy efficiency and protection of your employees and environment. The above average growing industry of Turkey and the Gulf region (GCC: Gulf Council Countries) has recently been our focus territory.


In the tunnel, underside the powertrain of a Turkish automotive OEM, thermoacoustic insulating mats are bonded with aluminum in a sandwich structure and provide enhanced comfort and car safety.

Gasket-/Sealing and Expansion Joints

Fabric expansion joints covering tightness requirements with the help of fluorocarbons contribute within the modern renewable but also traditional fossil energy sectors to improved environmental protection of a solar project in Turkey.

Powertrain technology

Industrial coupling and brake friction pads especially in the automation and powertrain technology for fail-safe running of machines and robots with high-tech composites.

Do you think of expanding your export?

The identification, selection and development of partners is part of our main themes.


Together with our German partners in the composite area


Alongside our German partners we expand appropriate reference customers within the EU in the composite sector with narrow fabrics, braided sleeves and woven tapes as well as wide woven textile substrates consisting of carbon, aramid, glass and an environmental consciously produced polymeric silicagel fiber. Those customers are especially active in the automotive, commercial vehicles, motorsport and wind energy as well as in the whole aviation and naval area.

It is clear that in particular these industries do have to drive the trend to light weight components and increase of the motor efficiency forward. In cooperation with our partners we support these future challenges and develop innovative ideas. In light of serial mass production, we provide initially a made in Germany / Europe prototype and validate it together with the tier (1…3) or the OEM.

Finally, the customer service is ensured by a contact-intensive and highly service orientated key account management during the whole program.