Environmental protection at the vehicle

accompanies directly the Euro-Norms 5 or 6. To cover this requirement we do not reach into the bag of software tricks but recommend thermal insulation, gas tightness and lightweight construction features with the latest materials or their combination. IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949:2009 or already 16949:2016 certified partner companies that can represent the value chain of tier 3 to 1 are permanently available with all their skills.

Textile heat shield materials

Consisting of endless glass fiber yarns, HT glass yarns, polymeric silica gel and silicate fibers coated with silicone on one or both sides, PTFE or laminated with aluminum or aluminum polyester foils NBR, Fluorocarbon coated textile substrates for OEM/OES and aftermarket for e.g. diaphragms for vacuum pumps.


Metallic heat shields

Aluminum or stainless-steel heat shields in single layer or sandwich structure with high-temperature insulation to limit heat conductivity, convection and radiation to ensure effective heat containment.


Gaskets and Seals for the entire powertrain

Elastomer, cork and metallic

Metal parts and progressive tools as well as transfer tools

By means of cold-forming tools for metal sheets produced parts having a thickness of 0.4 mm up to 8 mm as e.g. exhaust emission flange or seating elements. Especially progressive tools and transfer tools provide the opportunity to carry the cold-forming and sheet metal forming out with as few materials and low processing costs as possible.

Composite raw materials

Glass fiber yarns, silicate gel fiber yarns and silicate fiber yarns, rovings or chopped fibers for reinforcement, ablation, insulation and fire protection


Composite semi-finished products

Made of carbon fibers or glass fiber wetlaid/ drylaid/ nonwovens, RTM, unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial and multiaxial non-crimp fabrics, peel plies, woven fabrics, braided pipes, composite pre-pregs


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